Acts and Regulations: Retirement Pensions

There are several acts and regulations that govern the Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security. The Department of Justice holds the authoritative source for these documents.

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Bill C-31 and the Old Age Security Act

On December 15, 2010, Bill C-31 received Royal Assent. As a result, the Old Age Security (OAS) Act suspended OAS benefits to beneficiaries incarcerated in federal penitentiaries and provincial or territorial institutions.

The following are the key changes to the OAS Act:

  • OAS benefits are suspended for beneficiaries incarcerated as a result of a sentence of two years or more in federal penitentiaries.
  • OAS benefits will be withheld from beneficiaries incarcerated with sentences exceeding 90 days in the Provinces and Territories that have an Information Sharing Agreement in place.
  • Individuals who apply for OAS benefits while incarcerated will not receive benefits until they are released.
  • The suspension of OAS benefit payments will be effective in the month following the month of incarceration. Benefits will start or resume in the month of release, provided that the individual has notified Service Canada in writing of their release.
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