Reports: Employment Insurance (EI)

Summary of the Actuarial Report on the EI Premium Rate

A summary of the EI Premium Rate Setting report prepared by the Chief Actuary is produced by the CEIC and speaks to all elements of the EI premium rate setting, including the Maximum Insurable Earnings, as well as premium reductions related to the Quebec Parental Insurance Plan and employer wage-loss plans.

Monitoring and Assessment Reports

The annual monitoring and assessment report provides Canadians and parliamentarians with analysis of the overall effectiveness of EI income benefits and active measures.

Previous Maximum Insurable Earnings Annual Reports

Tracking Survey

This survey provides insight into the views and perceptions of Canadians on potential areas for future EI policy development.

Coverage Survey

Prepared by Statistic Canada, this survey provides a picture of who does or does not have access to EI regular benefits as well as maternity and parental benefits.

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