Student Loans and Grants


Read about the lost personal information of Canada Student Loan borrowers.

Student Loans and Grants Introduction 1

Loans – money that you pay back

Grants – money that you do not pay back

Student Loans and Grants Introduction 2

Paying for tuition, school supplies and living expenses can be expensive. Browse through this section to find out how the federal government can help you pay for your post-secondary education by providing loans and grants.

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The Government of Canada offers Canada Student Loans to eligible full- and part-time post-secondary students in most provinces and territories. Quebec, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut offer their own student financial assistance programs and do not participate in the Canada Student Loans Program.

Need assessment tables can help you figure out whether or not you might be eligible for financial assistance. The estimator will give you an idea of how much money you could receive.


You may be entitled to money in the form of grants, to help finance your post-secondary education. Grants do not need to be paid back.

If you qualify for a Canada Student Loan, you are automatically assessed for most Canada Student Grants (except for the Grant for Services and Equipment for Students with Permanent Disabilities, where a separate application is required).

You may be eligible to receive more than one grant.

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