Credential Recognition

Foreign Credential Recognition (FCR) is the process of verifying that the education and job experience obtained in another country are equal to standards in Canada. Workers should have the freedom to practice their occupation wherever opportunities exist, whether they were certified in Canada or in another country. This is also known as Labour Mobility.

Funding for Organizations

Qualified organizations may be eligible for funding for projects or activities that ensure that foreign credential recognition processes are accessed in a fair, consistent, transparent and timely manner, and facilitate labour mobility.

Financial Assistance for Individuals

The Foreign Credential Recognition Loans Pilot complements the significant investments that the Government of Canada has made in recent years to help internationally-trained individuals succeed.

Success Stories

The lives of Canadians are touched on a daily basis by ESDC and its portfolio partners. Success stories are about Canadians who have changed their own lives, or those of others, through the work-sharing and credential recognition programs.