Employment Insurance (EI)

What is the EI Program?

The EI program provides temporary financial assistance for individuals between jobs, who cannot work due to sickness, childbirth or parenting, and for those providing care to a family member who is gravely ill. There are specific requirements for each type of EI benefit which must be met by applicants to qualify for financial assistance.

Governance and Management of the EI Program

The responsibility for EI benefits resides with Employment and Skills Development Canada (ESDC) while Service Canada ensures the program is delivered efficiently and effectively. The Canada Employment Insurance Commission (CEIC) also plays a key role in overseeing the governance and management of EI, including a mandate to annually monitor and assess the program.

Consultation and Engagement

Consultation and engagement activities allow organizations and individuals to provide us with their input on a variety of topics. This helps us develop better, more informed and more effective policies and programs for Canadians.