Timeline of Measures Coming into Force

Activity Implementation Date
LMIA Fee Effective immediately
Introduction of Cap Effective immediately
High-Wage Transition Plans Effective immediately
Launch enhanced Tip Website Effective immediately
New guidelines for intra-company transferees with specialized knowledge Effective immediately
10-day Processing Times for certain occupations Effective immediately
Fee for open WP holders Summer 2014
Strengthening compliance system for employers of LMIA-exempt foreign workers Summer 2014
Information Sharing Agreements between CIC, CBSA, and ESDC to be completed Autumn 2014
Monetary fine regime to come into force Autumn 2014
Criminal Investigations Autumn 2014
Negotiate and implement all other Information Sharing Agreements with provinces March 2015
Implement expanded inspection regime March 2015
Begin data collection for the Wage and Vacancy surveys Spring 2015
Limit Duration for low-wage TFWs Effective immediately
Begin utilizing administrative data as part of the LMIA evaluation process Summer 2015
Compliance fee for employer-specific work-permits Summer 2015
Measures Compelling Documents from third parties Late 2015