Temporary Foreign Worker Web Service

The Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) Web Service was introduced as a way to improve the Temporary Foreign Worker Program so that it can better meet labour market demands, reduce red tape and labour market opinion (LMO) application processing times.

This secure Web Service allows employers, and approved third-party representatives, to access the online labour market opinion (LMO) application process for the:

At the present time, the Web Service is not available to employers applying for an LMO under the Federal Skilled Trades Program, the Federal Skilled Worker Program and the Live-in Caregiver Program.

Advantages of the Web Service

Once an employer or an approved third-party representative has been deemed eligible for the TFW Web Service, the user will have the opportunity to:

  • have an online account where they can update their company profile information (e.g. address, phone number, name of contact)
  • complete and submit online LMO applications
  • create and assign secondary representative accounts for employees to assist with completing the applications, as required
  • attach files instead of mailing the required documentation to Service Canada
  • receive emails from Service Canada (e.g. immediate acknowledgement that the LMO application has been received, or request to provide missing documentation, if applicable);
  • view the status of their LMO applications
  • obtain copies of LMOs

To Register

The registration guides explain the Administrator and Primary Representative roles and responsibilities within the Web Service. These guides also provide the best scenario to organize a business with multiple office locations. As a result, employers and approved third-party representatives should review the applicable accompanying guide before submitting the completed and signed registration form to the appropriate Service Canada Centre.

Once employers and approved third-parties have been deemed eligible for the Web Service, Service Canada will create an online account for each system user.

Users cannot have access to the Web Service until they receive a confirmation letter from Service Canada which will include a username and a temporary password.


Third-party Representative:

Access the TFW Web Service

Employers and third-parties representatives can access the TFW Web Service, by entering the username, temporary password and activation code they receive from Service Canada. After the account is completely activated, they may access the system.