Student Financial Assistance

Loans, Grants and Saving Programs

The government provides loans, grants and savings programs for you or your child's education.

Funding for Universities and Colleges

Qualified universities and colleges may be eligible for funding that aims to support student exchange programs and other activities that increase international academic co-operation.

RESP and CESP Promoters

Publications, notices, bulletins, and training materials are available to help RESP and CESP providers (including promoters and trustees) fulfil their roles and responsibilities.

Post-Secondary Institutions

Certifying private educational institutions allows students, 16 years of age or more, who attend these educational institutions to qualify for Tuition Tax Credits and, in cases of full-time attendance, for Education Tax Credits.

Consultation and Engagement

Consultation and engagement activities allow organizations and individuals to provide us with their input on a variety of topics. This helps us develop better, more informed and more effective policies and programs for Canadians.