Canadian Employers for Caregivers Plan

In 2012, there were 6.1 million employed Canadians who were providing care to a family member or friend; this represents 35 percent of Canada’s work force. Balancing work and family responsibilities can be challenging for employees, and it can ultimately result in lost productivity for employers (reduced hours of work, missed days, etc.). The Conference Board of Canada has estimated the cost to employers in lost productivity to be $1.28 billion per year.

The Canadian Employers for Caregivers Plan (CECP) aims to help maximize the labour force participation of caregivers and maintain workplace productivity. The CECP is focused on engaging with employers to identify their best practices and using these findings to support Canadian businesses and help caregivers to enter or stay in the labour force.

The CECP established a panel of leading employers to help identify successful and promising cost-effective workplace practices that support caregivers. The Employer Panel for Caregivers is comprised of industry leaders from small, medium and large-sized enterprises and expert advisors who consulted with Canadian employers to identify cost-effective workplace practices that support employed caregivers to achieve a better balance of work and caring responsibilities.

The Panel completed its report, When Work and Caregiving Collide – How Employers Can Support their Employees Who Are Caregivers. This report highlights best practices that many employers offer to their employees who provide care, offers some practical suggestions on how to become a more caregiver-friendly workplace and provides a toolbox of valuable information and resources for employers and employees.